Salon Dahlmann

28.01. - 13.05.2017

 GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN special opening hours: 27 - 30 April 2017, Thursday to Sunday, 12 - 6 pm


Loves and Lives

Distinctive faces with moustaches, sculpted bodies in leather boots and over-dimensional penises stand out in the explicit illustrations of gay sex that have become known throughout the world under the pseudonym Tom of Finland. And yet, although his works are now famous as lusty prototypes of homosexual self-awareness, Touko Laaksonen (1920–1991), the man and artist behind the catchy pseudonym, still remains largely unknown. A joint exhibition by Salon Dahlmann and Galerie Judin aims to change this by focusing on Laaksonen’s life and his development as an artist. As such, the ‘Loves and Lives’ exhibition at Salon Dahlmann will be presenting letters, photographs and late works from private collections to show how the talented commercial artist became an internationally successful brand emanating political character.
The ‘Ecce Homo’ exhibition at Galerie Judin by comparison is dedicated to Laaksonen’s development in terms of his style and motifs. Numerous studies from Laaksonen’s estate in the free and powerful style characteristic for the artist provide an insight into the intense manner in which he created his visual work, and at different working periods.

Thanks to the support of the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles, the artist’s family and private lenders, this joint exhibition project is able – for the first time in Germany – to provide a comprehensive overview of the work of the artist whose oeuvre was to revolutionise the artistic and pop cultural representation of homosexual masculinity like no other.



6. Tom of Finland Touko Laaksonen 1955 Kopie



Touko Laaksonen. The Man Behind Tom of Finland
Ecce Homo at Galerie Judin, Berlin
28 January - 15 April 2017




28 January - 13 May 2017
Opening: 28 January, 6 pm

hard art copy

The Hard Art Club is a club sculpture which shows the anti-genial attempt to transfer an event as readymade into the context of art. In the club, a black cube with sparse neon-coloured markings and a floor made of golden pebbles, the boundaries between guests, sculpture and dancers dissolve in the semi-darkness.

In the end, what remains is a room full of the left-behind traces of what went on there. As the setting in the concierge room, Lennart Münchenhagen chose to populate the Hard Art Club with his sculptures. Individual stele, which before that were availed of by the party crowd, poise on their pedestals as the protagonists waiting to witness an anticipated spectacle.

Here Lennart Münchenhagen draws our attention to a situation, and the space and time in which it manifests itself. The glossy black varnish with which the walls are covered becomes a mantle that reflects everything in a distorted and broken manner.

Lennart Münchenhagen, born 1984 in Stade, lives and works in Hamburg. Hard Art Club is realised in cooperation with Galerie Kai Erdmann, Hamburg. 




25 February 2017, 6-8 pm

 DJ Hell cropped small

We would like to invite you to an evening with DJ HELL for the world premier of his track Anywhere, Anytime at Lennart Münchenhagen's HARD ART CLUB at Salon Dahlmann - Concierge Room!
On the second floor, DJ HELL will present his videoclips I WANT YOU and Anywhere, Anytime in the midst of our ongoing exhibition Touko Laaksonen. The Man Behind Tom of Finland - Loves and Lives.

Invited by Salon Dahlmann | Miettinen Collection and realized in cooperation with Galerie Kai Erdmann.